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Happy Thanksgiving Savings-to-you with $50 off Coupons, & creator of our own 10 Hour, 32 Step World’s Best Detail Package & Touch-less WASH Packages!!!

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With 1 Home Webpage containing over 4,500 words & 895 AFTER PICTURES, we wanted to make sure you are to be able
view what is important to you quickly! We have a section for Coupons, About the Manager, Commonly Asked Questions, and a
“Best Detail for Me?!” Questionnaire, all to help you decide which DETAIL or WASH Package NAME we offer that will best match your current needs today!

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Welcome to OLS Oconee Luxury Services and thank you so much for visiting my 50+ page website. My name is Austin, manager of OLS for the past 4 years. Before I became manager of OLS, I was the manager of another mobile detail service for another 5 years. Over the last 9 years, I have detailed over 9,500 vehicles, some taking multiple days to detail 1 car, and other days detailing 67 cars in 1 day with an 8 person crew, & best of all zero complaints! As of November 2022, 11 years of testing over $20,000 in chemicals tested, we have finally perfected the TOUCHLESS WASH! It takes the same amount of time, 45 minutes, to wash! I don’t have to use a brush, mitt, or rely on high pressure that may damage your paint to give your vehicle the best detail possible! The 2 step chemicals have been great at leaving windows, black trim, paint, rims, aluminum wheels & tanks on big trucks, with a very bright shine! I really care about giving your car a really great wash or detail & I look forward to making it as convenient as possible for you.

$50 OFF ALL Detail Packages

40% OFF Learn-to-drive-a-stick-shift

$25 OFF ALL WASH Packages

Promotion Valid thru November 30, 2022


One Sunday when I was 12, my dad & I spent about 6 hours detailing his 1985 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. We washed, we waxed, and we had a great time under that shade tree all day. Believe it or not, I even had a great time dodging that book report that was due next week! 🙂 I pretty much decided that day I would at least wash cars on the side when I grew up, like my dad had a lawn-care business on the side. Now, I love going out and finding my own shade tree & making your car look new again! Plus, it takes more than an hour like cutting grass. My interest in cars came at 16 when I started driving my dad’s Oldsmobile to school! I put a radio & subwoofers in it, I went to the audio shop every day, and I learned a lot about custom audio! My senior year of high school, I dual-enrolled in Automotive Collision & Repair (Paint & Body) at the tech school. I learned about paint & body, taking care of paint, cleaning & restoring paint, & even spent a year in school prepping, priming, & painting a car! After Paint & Body, I took welding & became certified in 11 different ways of welding in night classes, with my dad!! I guess long story long, I really enjoy what I do, & I still own my dad’s Oldsmobile 18 years later!! If you decide to come to OLS, I will be glad you did & I will take care of you by confirming your appointments with you, I will show up on time, I always have a great attitude, & I really will do the best job possible for you! These 4 things are the only things I needed to manage & grow OLS from 400 clients at merger to over 1,200 clients in the last 4 years, click here to see my 5 star rating. All these clients mean the most to me & I still thank them every time I see them for their continued business. Some clients, I have seen every week, or 2 weeks for the past 6 years, TALK ABOUT LOYALTY! That is 6 Christmas’s, 6 New Years, 6 Birthdays, 6 everything, so yeah, I do care about them! And, while this is a website, I consider it MY BOOK that I have spent 3 years writing with OLS. This book of a website has over 70 pages, 25,000 word count, & over 10,000 before & after pictures for illustrations, ONLY coming from details I have completed over the years!! Scroll down for more information on your services & see the 4,454 WORDS that make up this one-single MyOLS Homepage BOOK!

An everlasting thanks to you Bogart, Watkinsville, & Athens!

I look forward to keeping us ALL Clean in 2021!!!

Commonly Asked Questions!

1) Where do I bring my vehicle for service? For 90% of WASH or DETAIL packages, I can complete your vehicle in less than 10 hours where you parked at 8:30am of your scheduled day.
2) Where does water come from? I bring my own filtered water, in a 250 gallon tank, inside my custom mobile detail van.
3) Where does power come from? I bring my own generator inside my custom mobile detail van.
4) What if my job has restricted access? Do not worry, as I have been detailing in Athens for 9 years! I have been granted clearance at the University of Georgia, Athens Academy, Oconee County Schools, Clarke County Schools, ALL Piedmont Regional Facilities, ALL St. Mary Facilities, Oconee Veteran’s Memorial Park, Oconee Heritage Park, & many other local business owners that give me the keys to their gates so I may come in and clean their fleets on Saturday when their trucks are off work! Even some of the biggest business complexes in Oconee County Oconee Luxury Services ARE THE ONLY COMPANY ALLOWED ACCESS TO WASH ON SITE. We have worked hard for this over 9 years with our eco-friendly products and we always keep our detail sites clean & organized while we are there!

Best Detail For Me?!

What’s the difference in a WASH & DETAIL?
A WASH is a cleaning package that includes an Exterior WASH ONLY of the item you want cleaned
A DETAIL is a cleaning package that includes an Exterior WASH & Interior DETAIL of the item you want cleaned
Press Select below to choose your package & view new page OR scroll further down for more info!

Advanced Knowledge

The difference in Compound, Polish, Wax, & Clay-Bar

Service #3 or #4: How we extract stains from seats with our Carpet Shampoo Detail Package or World’s Best Detail Package

2021 Windows!! So invisible, we had to make a video! Inside & Outside Windows included in ALL Wash & Detail Packages!!

Service #1: OLS created class – Learn to drive a Stick Shift Vehicle!

What does this lesson offer, how long does the lesson last, & what does the lesson cost?

  • We meet at the BLUE STAR in the picture below at your appointment time
  • Introduce ourselves & introduction to engine vs transmission RPMs, & what they mean to you: 15 Minutes.
  • Taking off and stopping at BLUE STAR, with overview of the clutch pedal & gear shifter: 20 Minutes
  • Country road circle around Cleveland Road (Road between red circles) at 50 -60 MPH speeds with low traffic count. This will get you all the way to driving through all 5 gears and learn how to downshift to properly stop: 30 Minutes
  • Taking off and stopping at real stop signs on low traffic count, Ben Burton Circle (Red Circle on left side of picture): 30 Minutes
  • Taking off & stopping on HUGE inclines and declines: 15 Minutes
  • Back to the parking lot to Park and reverse out of spaces: 10 Minutes
  • Lesson lasts for 2 hours & are $300 regular, on sale for 40% OFF, making it ONLY $195 for NEW Years!! This includes the lesson, vehicle for lesson, gas, & all other costs for lesson completion, with you ending with driving a stick shift vehicle!

Service #2: How we soft wash mold with commercial chemical’s!