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Bad Business

This page brought to you by clients who receive services & then refuse to pay!!



Allison Creek Farm Services
2131 Watson Springs Road
Watkinsville, GA 30677

Jason (Green) @ Allison Creek Farm Services to Austin (Grey) @ Oconee Luxury Services

Dissecting the screenshots!

Services for horse trailer washing was completed at the end of March, before that invoice was paid we completed another horse trailer. There are 2 separate invoices past due, 1 being more than 30 days & the other 50 days, when we do not actually have inside financing of services. Today is May 18, 2018, 51 days past due on the first service. As you can see not only did Jason say on May 8th, 2018 that “both invoices have been paid” (still haven’t as of 5/18/18) but I was turned over to Mike McCoy, who owns & operates Southern Crane & Mechanical, for payment at the farm of the horse trailer. After I told Jason I wouldn’t come do additional services at his home until the invoices are paid, nor could I speak with him immediately while trying to finish another client’s vehicle that morning, HE “FIRED” ME. I even asked him, as a small business owner to another, how could he treat someone like this…MY MESSAGE WAS IGNORED by Jason. I ended up talking to Mike through e-mail & text. Really all the e-mails over the course of 14 days were stating that he will be glad to pay….”If you don’t get the checks, I mailed out today by Friday (05.11.18), this being Tuesday the 8th, & then glad to pay again the entire next week. Thursday (05.17.18) took a turn, BOTH JASON & MIKE accused me of LOSING THE CHECKS… I can’t lose what I never received & why go through this, instead of going back & doing more work, if I received payment?


Today is 05/18/2018 & what needs to be done for “Mike to pay me asap”

Take off any & all late fees for being over a month late on 2 invoices, that I have incurred over 2 hours in additional time for trying to collect payment!!! Why not, it’s only 50+ & 30+ days?

When you try & talk to Mike at Southern Crane & Mechanical & you get no response…but wants to pay asap!!!

Dissecting the screenshots

The only text I got was from Mike on Thursday night (5.17.18) telling me sarcastically “thanks for your patience” on waiting for checks I LOST….AND THE BIGGEST KICKER he then tells me that he won’t pay online until HE is sure that the bank has stopped payment on the first 2 checks, as if I am the one trying to be paid twice. The message at 1:16 was our final communication, when Mike called to promise to pay AGAIN ASAP, he hung up on me & then never responded, again.


Jason threatening to call the law on Austin, when Austin is trying to get the untrue, only 1 Star review that clearly came from this group, removed & trying not to go down this road. Also, no payment has been made as of yet at 6:09 PM 5.18.18 (Typed 05.18.2018)