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New Car Part Finder

Trying to do your D.I.Y. car repair and want to make sure you are getting the BEST PRICE on your car parts?!?!

OLS has the perfect solution for you!! Take 20 seconds and fill out our OLS custom made, “New Car Part Form” below! We will shop from all of the local area markets to find you the BEST price, AND AT THE QUICKEST DELIVERY!!!

Where does OLS get these car parts from?

These stores include O’Reilly’s Auto Parts®, Advance Auto Parts®, Pepboys Auto®, Ford® Dealerships, Buick®/GMC®/Cadillac® Dealerships, Nissan® Dealerships, Toyota® Dealerships, Audi® Dealership, Volkswagon® Dealership, Range Rover® AND other local distributors THAT ONLY SALE TO BUSINESSES!!! These local distributors are hidden in Bogart, in 10,000 sq ft warehouses, WITH NO SIGN ON THEIR BUILDING!!! Why? They only deliver out to the Part Stores, Dealerships, and Mechanic Shops, like OLS!!! 
We can get any O.E.M. parts, After-market parts, & After-market accessories & pass the savings to you!!!!

Understand the difference in O.E.M. VS After-Market Parts VS After-Market Accessories

  1. ALL 3 of these part types are for brand new, never opened parts. None of the parts are used or salvaged parts!
  2. O.E.M. is Original Equipment Manufacture. These are the car parts that come directly from the Dealership.
  3. After-Market Parts – An, “After-Market part is any new part that is NOT purchased from a Dealership. “After-market parts” are also referred to as, “O.E.M. REPLACEMENT PARTS.” Why? The alternator that came on your brand new car was an O.E.M. part, that has now gone bad. You are now purchasing a new alternator from Advance Auto Parts®, and are buying the NEW alternator from a, “Part Store,” This part is considered to be, “After-market” because it is not the Dealer part but DOES come with the same warranty, design, and specifications as the O.E.M. parts. These parts are also often made, but not always, by the Part Store and use their own house brand, depending on the store.
  4. After-Market Accessories – Any part that is not considered a Stock Vehicle Part. All cars have alternators but not all cars have lights under them, loud sub-woofers, loud mufflers, tinted windows, rims that are too big, and all the other fun things we like to do with our vehicles! Again, all the parts are new but fall under different categories!

What is the point of the program and service?

Car parts are all over the place & for all different prices! Not only is price an issue when trying to repair, or fix-up your car for fun, but you need the parts today to get your car back on the road!! YOU have spent time calling ALL the places you know, MAYBE you only knew 1 place for this part to call, AND ARE READY TO, “BUY NOW!!” YOU ARE NOW IN 1 OF 3 SCENARIOS!!!
1) You have found your part, are 100% happy with the price, delivery time, & quality, AND ARE READY TO, “BUY NOW!!”
2) You have found your part at the Dealership, Part Store, or Internet, but it will take too long to come in, and you want, or need, the part today, AND ARE READY TO, “BUY NOW!!”
3) You were able to find your part only online, but you need it today, AND ARE READY TO, “BUY NOW!!” You may also prefer shopping locally & getting your parts today! 
Whichever of the 3 scenarios you are in, we are ready to save you money!  What do you have to lose by taking 1 minute to fill out the form below? It is 100% FREE!! If OLS can NOT find your part cheapER, quickER, or to your satisfaction, we will NOT “Buy Now!!” and order for YOU! Again, $5, OR MORE, savings PER PART, GUARANTEED, or it will NOT BE ORDERED!!

How fast can I get my part from OLS?

We get parts delivered from the Dealerships, Part Stores, and Distributors twice per day. Once you select, “Buy Now!!” at the bottom of the order form, I shop through an online portal to all the local Dealerships, Part Stores, and hidden warehouses for your part! Depending on what time you order, if it is in-stock already or needs be delivered to us, the delivery times can vary! Just like when you call a part store, 1 has it in stock, the other does not, and their parts, are both different prices! Select what time it is now below and you will have your answer from us, & insure you get the best price, with at least $5 savings!

Order by:
Midnight – 6:30am: > Your part will arrive at 10:00am TODAY, or earlier!
6:30am – 11:30am: > Your part will be available at 2:00pm TODAY, or earlier 
11:30am – 4:00pm > Your part will arrive at 6:00pm TODAY, or 10:00am Tomorrow 
4:00pm- 6:00pm: > Your part will arrive at 6:00pm, if in-stock, or 10:00am Tomorrow!
6:00pm – Midnight: > Your part will arrive at 10:00am Tomorrow

Where do I go to pick-up my parts?

Like all other Dealership’s and Part Stores in Athens, GA., you can pick up our parts on Atlanta Highway, because you’re already there!! We currently have a space for inventory at the StorageMart® at 3985 Atlanta Hwy, Bogart, GA 30622. Why did we pick a storage unit to house this out of? Because Sears®, Pep Boys® Retail, AND Pep Boys® Commercial just closed their big-box store doors in December 2019, & January 2020. We can NOT offer discounted parts & be in a “top-heavy” store front, as we have learned from these businesses, already. Let us help you save money by keeping over-head down. Since you pay for the parts online, you are just swinging by the StorageMart® to get your part loaded in the car for you! The grounds are gated and secure, with video on premise. Read our proud moments below and fill out our secure, online form and get your parts today!!

A few proud moments with a little more than $5 of savings!!!

Range Rover® OEM brake pads retail for $514.99 plus tax = $551.04, OLS sold O.E.M. Range Rover® brake pads, with same day delivery for $325, including tax, FROM THE SAME Range Rover® O.E.M. Distributor!! Total savings = $226 for FRONT BRAKE PADS ONLY!!! 

O.E.M. Volkswagon® fuel injectors (Common problem of VW® fuel injector: fuel injector gasket breaking and losing pressure) O.E.M. injector from VW® Dealer = $180 Retail! O’Reilly’s Auto Parts®, “After-market” injector = $175 Retail! OLS SOLD O.E.M. part to client for $130 with tax from O.E.M. Distributor!!!

How & when do I pay for my item?

This page is setup for you to use when you are ready to, “Buy Now!!” and save now, guaranteed. After you submit the “Buy Now!!,” form below, we will find your part and send you a secure-online Credit Card invoice to pay for your part! Do not worry, we do accept returns if the part ends up being wrong and can also help with any warranty issues from manufacture’s defects!! 


 What If OLS Can’t Find My Item?

If we are unable to find your item(s) & save you at least $5, & not get it quicker, then we will send you an e-mail letting you know we could not find your item. If we did not find your item, TRY AGAIN NEXT TIME, there is no risk & only money to save! We can find most items in 15 minutes to not hold up your order!


I agree that all information entered is correct & true to the best of your ability & no liability will be held to OLS Oconee Luxury Services or any of their affiliates for any errors, that may or may not be considered fault of OLS Oconee Luxury Services, & their affiliates.