I come to your home or work with 250 gallons of water! A generator for power! Most importantly, a great, ready to make your car look new again attitude! With 9 years & over 9,000+ vehicle detail experience, I am sure I can make you happy after your 7 hour VEHICLE SPA DAY!!!

At Oconee Luxury Services we are looking to hire a manager to manage the day-to-day car details in our mobile van. This position during the 60 day training period starts at $475 per week. You may get a raise during the training period if you work as hard on day 30 as you did day 1 and have made improvements. The training hours are 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday – Friday. You will also work a half Saturday about every month to do recurring commercial washes. While these hours do add-up to 42 Hours per week, for the past year I have usually worked only about 33-35 hours per week. Most days, we get off around 3:00pm to 4;00pm because of how long each detail takes and client is getting ready to leave work before we can start and finish another vehicle by 5:o0pm. While I have been manager, I have chosen to schedule my clients when I could to start at 6:00 in the Summer time when it is HOT in the afternoon and only work until 1 or 2. Same as winter, start at 9 because of morning freezing temperatures and work until 5:30, or 6. I normally do first time cars, or pressure wash homes, in the morning and recurring in the afternoon. After training and you are the manager, here is what you’re day-to-day will look like… You will prep the van the today for tomorrow’s detail(s). On the day of, I will confirm with the client your arrival time and confirm the appointment(s). You will arrive on time and place the vehicle in a shady spot to clean and work. You will do an overview of the client’s vehicle with them before and after you start, detail the client’s vehicle for at least 4 – 8  Hours. Depending on the detail and schedule, you may only have 1 detail for today.  If you do not have a first time client for that day and it is a repeat client only day. You will detail between 3 to 5 vehicles, all in the shade, for about an hour and a half to 2 Hours each. These vehicles are detailed every 2 weeks, or 4 weeks, and do not take 4 hours and up like a new a client’s vehicle to detail. While an hour and a half to 2 hours seems like plenty of time, you must stay focused and listening to your music to complete the tasks before the client’s need to leave. Once you’re in your management position and keeping our clients of 9+ years satisfied, you will make first year $625 per week, $32,500 pear year to detail cars PROFESSIONALLY, PLUS TIPS FROM CLIENTS, PLUS a $500 CHRISTMAS BONUS, PLUS PROFIT BONUS, totaling $33,000 per year, plus tips and bonus!!! The additional profit bonus comes from how much gross you manage to produce. Basically, any time you complete a detail, the price of the detail will be tracked so you can make a percentage of each detail you complete and each detail you sell. I will talk to most clients to see which detail best fit their needs and schedule the client for their detail but if you sell a detail, you will get a higher percentage to go towards your additional profit. Please fill out the form below to schedule an interview.


Must have job requirements:

Be 21 years old
An awesome smiling, great ready-to-work attitude daily
Have a passion for doing a great job detailing cars
Enjoy making a car go from old to new again
Enjoy working outside in the shade at a new place every day (One of my favorites)
A daily drive to do better today than your already great job yesterday
Thank God for the work he has made for you today, that your day goes great today, & remembering to thank Him for yesterday going great! Also, that everyone has a safe day today
Remembering that we are going to client’s homes, businesses, or work and we need to respect their spaces. How do we want ours treated?
Must have a driver’s license with a clean MVR. Confident in driving with the ability to drive a work Van. Be a courteous driver daily, we do not rush!
Ability to learn and follow car detailing steps and instructions

What I like about mobile detailing and pressure washing over other careers:

I get to work outside but it is always in the shade, unlike grass cutting, pest control, etc.
I am not stuck driving to the same place day-after-day
I get to interact a tiny amount with each client and it is just talking about their cars.
Our clients LOVE our details and I love seeing how clean their cars are when I am done! After 9 years, last week asked a 6 year client to look harder at her vehicle to see if she thought it was cleaner than usual, because I thought it was since we have upgraded and updated our Deluxe Detail Package.
If you have ever worked in a mechanic shop, you know that clients hate paying for repairs, but they do not ever complain about paying for a great detail!
It is my choice if I want to work on my own on a certain day, or if I want someone to help me.
Having a set of steps and schedule so I don’t feel rushed to complete details to get to the next detail. I always feel like I have time to do a great job!


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