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Why is it so frustrating to buy a vehicle?
Short answer: People complete step #4, before steps #1, #2. & #3 are considered. They do not know what to do for step #5. You may or may not be good at step #6. Worse, Steps #7 through #10 are not even known steps, until after you have negotiated your final purchase price and have been at the dealership for 2 HOURS!
Definitely read Green Sections!  Extra explanation answers are in BLUE Sections! You will be smarter after you read Gold Sections! Go past color sections to read steps, and a little further to fill out a sign-up form for this service!
First, most people purchase a car less than 10 times in their 60 years of driving.
It is a skill you use every 5 to 10 years, or you may go longer! If you are like my Uncle, he did not purchase a new, or used, vehicle from 1992 until 2015, & does not know anything about the new cars of 2015, or 2021! Me? Since turning 16 I have personally owned over 25 vehicles. When I was 23, I owned 3 cars, 2 trucks, 1 motorcycle, & 2 jet ski’s, all paid for, all insured, all running great, lol. I used to make the joke, I can take a different car to work every day! Honestly, it is so frustrating buying a car because you are not prepared for everything that comes with a vehicle purchase, the time involved in dealing with the purchase at the dealership, lack of experience, finding potential vehicles, & paying for the vehicle. Also, you may have NO car to get around and you need a car as soon as possible, causing more stress! Take a step back and breathe with this analogy, when purchasing a home, you hire a real estate agent to negotiate the price for you and probably helped you find that home, hire someone to finance your home, hire someone to inspect your home, hire an attorney to do the closing paperwork on your home, your loan originator can help deal with home warranty cost & options, hire someone to put insurance on the home, all taking about an average of 30 – 35 days to “close on your home”. Well with a car, people do not know that you have the exact same steps and by the time you get through them all, it takes about 7 to 10 hours over the course of 3 to 7 days, and I will list these 10 steps in order further down on the page! Just knowing these steps will help your stress go down, because now we can handle them in order, & confidently make a great choice! It takes that many days because by the time you carefully decide which car’s you want to look at, have time to go look at cars around your work/life schedule, & then figure out the condition of the car, & price/payments around purchasing the car, it should be done over the course of 3 – 7 days. Now using the home analogy above, let me repeat, the people you hire when buying a house, but using the word “vehicle” instead of “home.” When purchasing a vehicle, you have no real estate agent to negotiate the price for you & probably find your car, no finance person to help make the vehicle affordable, no inspector to look at your car, no closing paperwork person to help you with tag & title, no warranty person, even if you want a warranty, no insurance person, but you need insurance & ALL THE OTHER STEPS TOO. You literally are doing all these steps as they come, unaware of them, 1 stressing you out more than the last, and losing lots of money not being prepared for them!! Luckily, I can help you with 1 of these steps, or all of these steps, and be the person your side! The Dealership has a salesman to push & negotiate for them, why not bring someone who can add to the information they have and then negotiate for you? If you purchase any steps #4 through #8, and I DO NOT save you the amount of money the step cost, I will give you 100% money-back guarantee refund for the cost of the step, so you will not end up paying more for your vehicle purchase by using the step!!
Step #0: Figuring out which car buying step you are on!
You can get any part of FIND MY CAR service as a single service, a few of the services, all of the services, or just a copy of our 150+ point inspection check list to complete on your own! You will not have all the equipment, or know how to check all the items on the 150+ point inspection list, but you can do about 90%. The inspection list will make you walk around the vehicle very thoroughly, and check out every exterior part, interior part, & large expensive parts, that could leave you with a feeling of hating you ever saw this vehicle!! The reason I call this step #0, is because you first need to figure out which step in the car buying process you are in, which steps you need help, & how I can help you successfully get you to step #10! We sell a copy of our 150+ inspection list individually, because everyone is different. You may also be a mechanic daily, which is WHEN I created this custom OLS 150+ point inspection sheet for our clients, & as someone who took Paint & Body, managed a mechanic shop, created the inspection list, certified in welding, I know when you’re trying to look over a whole car in an hour, it is best to have a 150+ point inspection check list, & of course an actual report to show the client once it is complete!
Kind-of Like on Television!
Perhaps you have seen the tv shows where the 1 business owner, who has purchased hundreds of vehicles, calls out another business owner to inspect the car for damages and give him a value on the car. The second business owner may even take the car with him for repairs, before getting the car delivered back to the first business owner. I will definitely say, with my $500+ professional equipment I bring out to look at your car’s paint, engine, transmission, & suspension conditions, scan for any engine codes, do a full-interior inspection to make sure all electrical items are working, all topped off with my 18 YEARS of working with client’s & their cars daily, I know I can help get you that reliable car you are wanting, and for a great price!
Best FREE Knowledge!
I am only typing a few ways, otherwise this paragraph would never end, because there are soo many way! First, you may not be the best price negotiator, or you are a great negotiator but do not know which flaws to look for on the car, or how much to negotiate off for the damage you do find. With our inspection service, we will tell you all the flaws and how much to discount, or fix before final delivery of the vehicle. Second, you negotiated the price, and need financing at the dealership, you get moved from your sales person’s cubicle to the Finance Manager Office, who sales you extended warranties for $1,500, Dealer Maintenance Plans for $1,000, & financing options. What most people do not know, If you want a warranty I can sell you one that paid OLS, on behalf of my clients vehicles, already with engines, transmissions, suspensions, alternators, & others. I offer this vehicle warranty plan because I have had over 40 claims paid out so far and I know it can pay! The Dealer’s Maintenance Plan can sometimes be negotiated down to a better rate, & the financing options, ARE NEGOTIABLE TOO!!! Did you know that most people do not know their own finance rate the dealer is quoting them, may not be the lowest rate they can get from the dealer! What do I mean? I mean, I negotiated someone’s quoted 5.6% interest rate with the Finance Manager down to 4.5% interest rate. Over the total loan, this saved the client $1,522, OVER 3 months in payments for interest only!!! Why does the Dealer try to sell you a higher interest rate? Let’s say you pay $2,000 interest over the total loan, the dealer will get a $1,000 kick-back from the finance company, & give you a $500 credit. Let’s say you pay $3,000 in interest over the total loan, the dealer will get back $1,500 in kick-back, & give you $500 in credit. While you may not want the dealer to make this extra money, do not lose your $500 incentive for doing it! You may say, “When I buy a new vehicle, I pay cash only at the dealership”! Great! I can still help negotiate to the best price, but you may be losing out on 0% interest. If you do finance, instead of paying cash, you can always get the $500 incentive and pay off the vehicle next month with the cash too!
Negotiated purchasing price, looked again, saved an EXTRA $600 dollars!
My wife owns a 2018 Rogue, after negotiating around $5,000 OFF, I went out and looked at the vehicle one last time, and guess what I noticed! There were no green valve stem covers on the valve stems. The valve stem is what you use to put air in each tire. Most people would say, “so what, the COVER is not green? Big deal it’s a cover” Well, I know and happily told them, “Since you do not have the green valve stem COVER on the valve stems, that the tires were NOT inflated with Nitrogen, as the sales paper states. It isn’t a big deal, just remove the cost of the Nitrogen from the final price.” Normally, Nitrogen filled tires cost about $5 per tire to fill. The actual cost on the sales paper for the $20 Nitrogen? $600.00!!! So, I had them take off an additional $600 at the very last second, more than a 1 month car payment for air in the tires!! After that, a manager sent someone to Chick-Fil-A, and they also got us Chic-Fil-A to eat at the Dealership. Chic-Fil-A not guaranteed in any service 🙂



What are all 10 steps to a 7 Hour Find My Car Package?

3 Preparation STEPS + 5 AtVehicle STEPS + 2 Luxury STEPS…..

But, my phone said it is actually OVER a QUARTER-a-Mile of Walking in our 1 Hour 150+ Point Car Inspection!!!


#1. Planning Out Your Budget For This VEHICLE Purchase: 30 Minutes

#2. Figure Out What Kind of Vehicle Will Fit Your Needs Best, and That You WANT: 30 Minutes

#3: Determine Where, & How, I Should Buy My Car, Dealership vs Private Party? (FREE)

#4. Searching for vehicles online that meet #1, #2, & #3 criteria, you want to go view in-person: 2 Hours

#5. 150+ Point Inspection Check-list & Test Drive on the Vehicle (We both drive the vehicle): 1 Hour

#6. Negotiate Purchase Price with Private Party or Salesperson at Dealership: 45 Minutes

#7. Negotiate Extended Warranty Price: 10 Minutes

#8. Negotiate Dealer Maintenance Plans Price: 10 Minutes

#9. Negotiating Financing Options Price: 10 Minutes

#10. Compare Insurance on the Vehicle: 15 Minutes

#11. Leaving successfully with your new car: 15 Minutes



Pick which Step(s) you need help with!