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The manager of OLS

Austin Allmon, the 8 year manager of OLS! Austin started working on cars at age 16, in 2002. Starting work at age 8, planting, growing, harvesting, & selling 200-400 watermelon’s per summer. At age 14, Austin joined the Boy Scouts of America. At age 16, he began installing car stereo & audio equipment. This included subs, amps, radio’s, custom boxes, tv’s, lights, & other things, all before Bluetooth was a thing! At age 18, he dual-enrolled while in high school, learning Paint & Body (Automotive Collision) course at South Georgia Technical College. After paint & body, he went on to receive certifications in cutting, 60/10, 70/18, & mig welding, at South Georgia Technical College. After finishing Paint & Body & Welding Certifications at age 20, he went on to purchase his first motorcycle! Furthering his love for cars, he began restoring his dad’s, purchased new 29 years ago, 1985 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Brougham. Over the course of 3 years to restore, while he was assistant manager of Rent-A-Center, a chain-furniture store, dealing with over 2,500 clients in South Georgia. At age 23, Austin moved to Athens, Georgia in 2010, as starting manager at We Clean Green Mobile Detailing. In 2012 Austin opened up, becoming owner & operating agent, at Stand Guard Insurance Agency. In 2017, We Clean Green Mobile Detailing, We Clean Green Pressure Washing, & Stand Guard Insurance Agency, sold-out to OLS Oconee Luxury Services, and opening a state-of-the-art mechanic shop, & Austin as over-seeing manager! After 2 years of managing a mechanic shop, with over 800 Car repairs, including extended warranties from dealerships, Austin decided to go a different route! Changing services back to all mobile, to include detailing, pressure washing, insurance, & now, stick shift driving lessons! Four key services all people need, some services you have-to-have. Insurance is great, but you’re front of a screen all day, for the most part, and can get boring. The nice, sunny days passing your window by! The location worked out great for a mechanic shop but you have to go to that location every day to make the shop work, & again, stuck inside!! Pressure washing is mobile, because you can’t bring your house to the shop for cleaning, but is not a service that can be done for 30 years, & neither is detail. There are also days where weather restricts these services. Austin has personally dealt with clients on really every aspect of their lives over the last 17 years of his life! Car details, car insurance, home & business pressure washing, car purchasing (private party & dealer), car warranties, car paint, car repair, & educating others about cars. Austin has taught many people to drive a stick & motorcycles. With mobile detailing & pressure washing Austin has dealt with over 1,000 local clients, over 3,000 different vehicles, over 200 houses pressure washed, & over 10,000 successfull TRANSACTIONS, over the past 8 years!!

From Austin:
Good day & thank you taking the time to read. I do truly care about giving great service to people. I understand that your home is your highest valued asset & your car is the second. I have spent over half my life researching, implementing, & then writing down the best methods to deal with your home & vehicles! You can see how much I have, “wrote down” in the over 70 pages that make up the website of OLS, with over 100,000 words, over 10,000 pictures, & over 20 custom & secure sign-up forms, to serve my clients better next time, than I did even this time! I am committed to giving great service but I also want you to feel like you are talking to a friend! I talk to most of my clients like they are a long-time friend! I have been invited, & accepted, to go over to my clients homes for football games, & other events. I have gone to football & baseball games WITH clients, who started knowing me no more than their insurance agent. I have clients who trust me with their insurance & I detail their car & pressure wash their home, all on different days. I understand everyone does not like one-stop shopping but I am here to help, I know all the aspects and angles of insurance, cars, & homes, because I have dealt with them for over half my life, 17 years, & make every day count to improve on what I think is the best of the best.