President’s Day 2020

Thank you Lord for preparing this day for me and allowing US to walk among it!
Good 2020 President’s Day morning from OLS!

A Quick Overview:
My name is Austin, manager of OLS Oconee Luxury Services. I am 33 years old and I have been interested with cars, on average, for more than 50 hours per WEEK for the last 17 years of my life. Yes, that is over 50% of my life and of my ENTIRE WORKING CAREER! I started out taking Paint & Body/ Automotive Collision Repair at a tech school in South Georgia. I went on to receive certifications in multiple types of welding, including oxy-acetylene, 70/18, 60/10, & MIG. At the age of 26, I received my State of Georgia insurance license to become a life insurance agent. I expanded on this license into an insurance agency, while managing a detail company. At 28, I went back to school to receive my State of Georgia Insurance License to offer Home & Auto Insurance products to my clients in the State of Georgia. From the age of 30 – 32, I managed a MECHANIC SHOP, where we had 1 mechanic and grossed over $200,000 per year on a staff of 2 whole people. Ultimately, I do not like repairing client’s cars, because they do not like buying an alternator for $200-$,1500 installed, when their alternator worked 24 hours ago, PERFECTLY!!! I did learn a ton over the 400+ repair jobs the shop did with 1 mechanic, and me as a salesperson, in a 675 day period, about managing a repair business. I also began riding a motorcycle at the age of 20, as a 5+ day per week rider, and I am still alive today, riding! I say all that to say this, “I know cars paint and body, mechanics, electrical, frame, and all aspects!” The in-and-outs, the why, the who, and everything, BUT I may not can tell you, and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, get it to a U.S. STANDARD that will be deemed, “permissible” by me, you, or Tesla for getting this vehicle finally on the road!

Why do I mention Tesla? From what I have heard, they have chose not to have any copyright rights on the name, “Tesla,” because Elon Musk chose to advertise by letting people use the, “Tesla” “brand name,” any where/way they want, without fear of copyright infringement for advertising purposes, instead of paying for commercials. I don’t care, I ALWAYS try to give credit, where credit is due! Genius, if it is true!!! Luckily, this is an information only column, and not used for advertising.

I would imagine even President Trump eventually saw the ad a few months back where Tesla unveiled their Cybertruck, and broke their own window, and it going viral! First off, I applaud Tesla for throwing a blunt object at their window on live TV! BUT, when you are trying to sale something as, “break proof” which to the average person means, “Bullet Proof” the blunt object should NEVER break the window, even after multiple tests. I don’t want the 3rd bullet hitting the window, TO STRIKE ME, regardless if I were President, or just me! Would you?!?! I understand that Tesla is improving the glass but the WEIGHT of putting REAL, “Bullet Proof” glass in will kill your battery in a 50 mile range!

THIS SOLUTION WILL CEASE LOCAL GAS STATIONS FROM SELLING GAS!!!! THIS IS TERRIBLE FOR EVERY SINGLE, “Family Owned” GAS STATION THAT LIVES OFF THE, “UP-SALE” INSIDE THE STORE, THAT MAKES THE STRUCTURE FUNCTION, AND PAY THE FEDERAL GAS TAXES!!! Also, by not having the option to sale gas, this once was, “Gas Station” will become a, “Convenience Store” AGAIN!! This type of store has historically went out of business, like on the show, “Andy Griffith.” It will only be able to survive off the basis of selling the least amount of quantity items, for the more than the, MORE PER QUANTITY items, of a lower sales rate, like at Sam’s Club®. Even more so, some “Owner’s of Gas Station’s” ALREADY BUY their inventory from Sam’s Club®, when they are too small, to have a direct contract with the direct suppliers, like Coca-Cola® to stock their shelves on their delivery route!

Because, “Federal Gas Sales Tax” is automatically added in to each GALLON OF GAS YOU BUY!!! If the Government LOSES this Federal Gas Tax sales, they lose HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS PER YEAR, in Federal Gas Tax Sales Revenue. (In support of my President Trump, Sorry President Trump! I know you did not START this Federal Gas Tax Regulation, so I do not blame you for KEEPING this specific money stream of revenue open) I would also like to add, I do NOT think Trump is a car aficionado that would be able to differenciate how to connect all this car technology, THAT IS ALREADY MADE AS OF 2017, AND EXPLAINED IF YOU KEEP READING!!!!!

SO, get to the point, what is the actual SOLUTION TO MAKING THE United States of America RENEWABLE ENERGY?!?!
WELL, DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE ALLEGED MURDERS of numerous stories of people who made a carburetor back in the 1970’s to get over 100 mpg, before President Carter Days’, and the ” 1979 Fuel Crisis?” The Crisis still happened and Epstein still did not kill himself! The technology is already made throughout different vehicles and cell phones, it has just never been put together to, ULTIMATELY RID, the U.S. Government of Gas Dependency, Federal Gas Tax Wages, and the Stations that sale the gas themselves.When did I find the solution?
Tesla vehicles have never, and still don’t, get good enough, “Battery Charge Range” to get me confidently from one destination to the next. On top of that, they have always been what I thought to be, too expensive for what they are. When they unveiled their Cybertruck recently, they got my attention, TOO! As someone who can talk to you about voltages, AC/DC current, batteries, mechanical repairs, detailing, insurance, maintenance, new car values, and every aspect that a car has to be dealt with, I know the solution. Also, WHEN you do NOT believe the nobody ME, you should ask the 4 people I know who would back me up as a, “car aficionado” and hopefully you will not, “Epstein” US, like other the “….”, for being a nobody. Who are these 4 people? Of course, these car aficionado’s are none other than, Elon Musk, Tim Allen, Jay Leno, and Jerry Seinfeld. They all have some of the largest car collections in the world, and, the latter 3 seem to be friends, in America. I am sure I am not the only who recognized the, Guest appearances of Jay Leno on, Tim Allen’s Shows, “Tool Time” from the 90’s and “Last Man Standing” from the 2010’s era.

The solution I think these 4 people will support me on together with is for a, “Renewable Energy Resource.”
-First, ” Imagine this AWD/4WD Cyber-Truck, AS-IS!
-If you imagine the just taking the chassis of THIS 4WD Pick-up, with its Rear-End forcing the tires/vehicle down the road, street-by-street, by it’s rear wheels only, making it a RWD/2WD vehicle.
-Second, so the front, “Transfer Case” that should be used to pull the front tires/vehicle down the road, making it a true All-Wheel-Drive Vehicle, is INSTEAD being used as a, “Transfer Case” for a, “Direct-Shaft Alternator Input”

What is a “Direct-Shaft Alternator Input?”
It is what I call an alternator, that is controlled by a Shaft from the front-wheel drive transfer case, going directly to the alternator, where the pulley would normally mount to the alternator. BOTH, AN ALTERNATOR, AND TRANSFER CASE ARE PARTS ALREADY COMES STOCK IN EVERY AWD/4WD VEHICLE made in America, is ran off of a, “Drive-Shaft.”

Where does my Alternator come from? Do I already own an, ” Alternator” in the car that I own?
Yes, if you have a gas, or diesel vehicle, currently the alternator is attached to the engine, and is ran off of the, “Serpentine Belt” System. The vehicle’s battery starts your car, and then the alternator keeps all of the electrical systems going, like your radio, windshield wipers, headlights, and electrical systems functioning down the road. It also charges the battery, so the vehicle will crank-up next time, using the electric starter! Hybrid vehicles, and older model cars, come with a Generator, instead of an alternator, but they are both used to create current for the vehicle’s electrical system.

The biggest difference is if your battery dies, you can jump it off and run it poorly off the the alternator’s current only. BUT, if your alternator dies, the battery will lose charge within a matter of minutes, and leave you stranded on the side of the road. You will also, most likely, get a, “Battery Warning” light on your vehicle’s dash panel. This is the same concept in an electric vehicle too, but for some reason, Elon Musk, did not think of putting a functional, “Alternating Charging System” on his, “All-Electric Tesla” like having a, “Transfer Case” directly run an Alternator to keep his, and clients, charged and going down the road. Perhaps it is because Tesla charges you to put a Charging Station at your home, or by the Kilowatt Hour, to charge your Tesla outside your home? It is almost like you are still having to buy a renewal resource?! Oh yeah, YOU ARE!!!!!!!

I will admit I do not know how exactly how the Tesla vehicle will use a “Clutch” to keep the, “Direct-Shaft-Alternator-Input” current from overcharging the Battery in the Tesla, but a normal car battery does not blow-up every day from an alternator over-charging it. I would recommend using the same technology, that is in every other car in the world already, to keep this same style alternator from over-charging the battery, in this same style method.

How well do you like your cell phone’s battery life span after 1 YEAR of re-charging? To me, and I believe the other 4 car aficionado’s above, there is still too much room for improvement, to be called, “Efficient” in a Lithium-Ion Battery. Again, I will applaud Tesla, and Elon Musk for utilizing the available technology from the year before I was born, in 1985, to create its entire brand! But, the Lithium Ion Battery, like that comes in your cell phone, stops charging to a, “Real 100%” after so many RE-charges. The EXACT SAME Lithium-Ion battery that does not last as long per day, after a year of re-charging, will be the SAME Lithium-Ion Battery, that you purchase in your Tesla vehicle! Your 2020 Tesla battery will not keep its charge no better than your cell phone 34 years ago! Ask your parent what a, “Portable-Bag-Phone” is, if you never saw one, and cost between 50 CENTS to $1.00 PER MINUTES TO TALK ON, in the 1990’s! 20 years later, all cell phone carriers are giving their minutes away for FREE-EE-EE-EE!!!!

Tesla Credit: Did you know your All-Electric Vehicle will drain down and die in an Airport Parking Lot? I found this to be a big problem with Tesla Owners. A Tesla owner will drop off their car in a paid for spot at the airport, go on their month long trip, only to come back to a dead car battery. So guess what you get to do after your trip? Time to call a Tow-Truck and be TOWED BY THE WRECKER!! That is why Tesla started offering optional Solar Panels on their cars and trucks, so their clients would not be, “Dead in the Water” upon returning after a month’s vacation. While this is a good idea, if you put an alternator, that spins from a front-wheel, “Direct-Shaft-Input-Alternator, to create a charge to the Lithium-Ion Battery, then the solar panels will keep the vehicle, “Crank Ready” but the client/user will not be so dependent on their weakening Lithium Ion Battery holding a, “100% Charge” so they can get back to their charging stations. In other words, don’t fix the battery, fix the charging cycle, with a, “Direct-Shaft-Alternator-Input!”

Back me up I-phone Users, with-in the settings of an I-phone!
In settings, your I-phone will tell you the, “Lithium Ion Battery Charge:” and then, a second charge status of what your battery is actually has the ability to charge up to! “The capacity of any type of battery will diminish after a certain amount of recharging. With lithium-ion batteries, the capacity diminishes slightly with each complete charge cycle.”

What have other car brands have done to charge this Lithium-Ion Monster?
BMW put their, “BMW Motorcycle Engine” in their vehicles, “Electric Cars” to crank off of a gas powered engine, and crank-up to charge their Lithium-Ion Battery. Well, here is a, “HALF-ASS SOLUTION ALREADY!!” Not to be condescending to BMW for trying, BUT THEY ARE STILL TRYING TO SALE YOU A GAS ENGINE!!! This 4-cycle, 2 Stroke motor will let you get another 60 Miles, or so on gas, by “By-passing/RECHARGING” the Lithium-Ion Battery, while going down the road off of the gas engine and letting the car continue to run. You can run your car off of this tiny, LOWEST EMISSIONS possible motor, as long as you continue to put gas in it. Well then, why is this motor not the definitive solution? Did you miss my first sentence? I said this is a, “BMW motorcycle engine” whether it is BMW, or another type of gas motor, a gas motor still needs 4 things, oil, oil filter, GAS, and MAINTENANCE!!! Maintenance on a motorcycle/motorcycle engine is its own repair bill, and own understanding. did you realize you were signing up to care for repairing and maintaining 2 motors, from your 1 BMW purchase, or was I the lucky one to tell you after purchasing your, “ALL-ELECTRIC VEHICLE” that you still have to maintain your Gas Powered Vehicle?

Final Testimony – Energy Input VS Energy Output:
The fully Tesla electric vehicle is spending its electric capacity, pushing the car down the road, by its rear-wheel drive train. The front-wheel drive train CAN allow it to be an AWD/4WD vehicle, but I would rather have the option of the electric vehicle being able to be to self-dependent on its own, “Energy Resourcing back from the front wheels.” What is clear, is that this is a viable option to ask the 4 mention above about, and see if they agree as a long term solution for Renewable Resources, but I know the alternator with a, “Clutch for current control” will be the quickest, and easiest way, to a resource independent, environment.

Mr. President Trump: What if you’re told that these Tesla Electric Vehicles need to be 4WD/AWD to be to spec and the least accommodations : There are 2 ways of arguing this point. In relevance to the Cybertruck, it already comes in 2WD and a 4WD/AWD options, depending on number of motors. Do not get side-tracked on motors, the number of motors’ will improve its take off and speed, but the range and distance is based off of battery capacity. The Tesla car comes with an 85KwH battery capacity, while the.
“Top-of-the-line” Tri-motor Cybertruck comes with a 200KwH battery capacity. Like I said, the ACTUAL SIZE of the battery does not matter, if everyone refuses to include, AN ALTERNATOR THAT WAS BUILT IN THE 1960s to keep this 1985 technology charged, we are still, “DEAD IN THE WATER!!”

THANK YOU FOR READING, LISTENING, AND LETTING ME TO CONTINUE MY DAYS AS GOD INTENDED. I will continue to raise my American Flag everyday to thank our Blessed American Troops serving us both, so we can have the peaceful time to send internet messages back and forth, yapping about cars.