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Part B – OLS Fleet & Tire Degreaser



Tired of buying 10 chemicals to do 1 job? This is the last degreaser and cleaner you will need for your vehicle! It will degrease your rims, tires, engine, under-carriage, Look below for descriptions of use, how-to’s, & dilutions.

Clean Large Surfaces: Apply with our High Pressure Soap Dispenser at 50% dilution, you will save on chemical and no more running back and forth buckets! Make sure to follow up with our “Part C – OLS Spray Wax” to bring this chemical back to a neutral pH level and give the finish a nice high gloss hydrophobic coating.

Years of burned on brake dust? Spray bottle,no dilution, rub by hand using gloves, Use Spray Wax C in a spray bottle to bring back to neutral pH. Do not let dry on any surface!
Tire Degrease Standard Application: High Pressure Soap Dispenser 25% dilution and soft brush, followed by Spray Wax C.


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1 Gallon, 5 Gallon, 55 Gallon


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