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H.E. Laundry Detergent I



If you love Tide® Original Scent, most feedback says OLS Laundry Detergent I compares!! At OLS we only offer high efficiency services & it does NOT stop with our own High Efficiency Laundry Detergent I. No reason to offer Standard & H.E. Detergents, when our Laundry Detergent I, can be used in H.E. machines OR standard machines AT standard detergent pricing! In comparison to Tide® H.E. Laundry Detergent, at even Sam’s Club® pricing, against our own OLS 5 Gallon bucket, it is like we are not even trying!!

5 Gallon FREE DELIVERY? With better service that ONLY OLS Oconee Luxury Services can give?? Buy a 5 Gallon bucket and combine with a “we come to you” mobile Deluxe Detail on your vehicle and we can bring the 5 Gallons with us, FREE! See our detailing page for more information on detailing and fleet services and area coverage.

*Compared to Sam’s Club® Tide® (largest jug in store/online 02.25.18, at 225oz – being OVER ½ the size of our OLS 5 Gallon bucket) – $23.98 plus tax at $0.11/oz.

*Compared to Sam’s Club® Members Mark Ultimate Clean (largest in store/online 02.25.18, at an EVEN SMALLER 196oz) – $14.98 plus tax, still more expensive than OLS, at $.08/oz.

55 Gallons at WHOLESALE PRICING available at $.06/oz. Large 7,040 ounces = over 3,000 loads!!

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1 Gallon, 5 Gallon, 55 Gallon


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