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$50 OFF Ceramic Wax Detail Package

Promotion Valid thru April 30, 2022

The OLS Customized Ceramic Wax Detail 30 STEP, 6 Hour DETAIL PACKAGE! WE take 5 hours for cars and 7 hours for SUVs and trucks to complete this process! We recommend this detail at least once per year! The difference in this package & our Deluxe Detail, is this package comes with a Sap Removal process after the wash to remove all of last year’s contaminants from the paint. This includes, sap, paint transfer, & other stuck in the paint contaminants. The Ceramic Wax puts a layer of protection on your clear-coat! Instead of the sun baking off your clear-coat this next year, the sun will spend its year baking off the Wax, leaving your paint in great shape and ready to be re-waxed next year! The Wax can last about a year depending on garaging conditions but people do get it 6 months & quarterly too.    

Service #5: OLS MOST POPULAR First time Detail, a 5 to 7 Hour, 30 Step, Ceramic Wax Detail Package!