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2003 Nissan Pathfinder a.k.a. Patti – Miles at Purchase: 301,000!


Welcome to #followpatti. Patti is a 2003 Nissan Pathfinder with currently 310,000 miles!!! OLS purchased this Pathfinder with 301,000 miles & we love calling her Patti. Patti is not only our shop truck but we also use it to highlight that at 300,000+ miles, you can keep your “nice old ride” for a while longer. Your old ride will need some work to get it to 2018  like Patti received at that mileage, with about $4,000 in parts & labor, but is your old car that is worth “$500-$1,500” worth it? The only person who knows is yourself, to us, you can buy a new $300-$400 per month car payment & multiply by 12 months & you will have fixed & UPGRADED your Patti… but everyone’s WANTS & NEEDS are different & their personal comfort levels of owning a new vs old vehicle. Road 1, deciding to put $4,000 into your “Patti” is just making SURE the work that you decide to do, will make your Patti run for at least 30,000-50,000 miles before having to do anything else, other than oil services, why? Because at that point for $4,000, you will have owned a car for 3-4 years again BEFORE having to make the decision again to “double down” and fix your Patti again, or do I dump it, part it out, scrap it, etc. Most people do not realize that a car is the second highest cost item in your life, next to your home, & punishing it driving it down the road, over pot holes, bad cement, freezing then blistering temperatures, just takes a wear & tear toll on your vehicle. The average car costs between $8,000-$12,000 per year to own, according to Google, so whether it’s in car payments, car repair, gas, insurance, or other, we are all still spending an average of $600-$1,000 per month, per vehicle by the time the oil changes, tires, payments, gas, & other maintenance costs gets involved. Keeping your old car longer, whether through maintenance, or overhaul, it is going to cost the same to repair and keep up, but always less per month average cost of ownership than adding the additional car payment onto the already have to do maintenance. Most manufactures have maintenance NEEDS within 15,000 miles of owning that brand new car, so YOU have to decide when YOU want hold & fold those cards, to stay within your own personal comfort levels. Patti’s needs included a complete overhaul of the suspension because of its “death roll” meaning, when you let off the gas, the entire vehicle would jerk side to side because the suspension was no longer suspending, but only holding the parts together! The radiator needed to be replaced & system flushed, the air filter needed replacing, synthetic oil change, tire rotation & balance with 2 new tires, charge up that air conditioning for a nice cool Georgia summer. Patti also needed new spark plugs, 1 coil pack (to get rid of skipping), 6 oil gaskets replaced along with other intake gaskets & some hoses along the way. 15 hours of detailing to compound, polish, wax, carpet shampoo, & engine degrease to wash off the past few years of neglect. Finally bringing it up to date with 2-12″ Rockford Fosgate Subwoofers, a 2500 Class D monoblock amplifier, & backup camera with bluetooth, all installed by OLS!! We love doing project cars to bring them back to former glory, whether you need parts to cash & carry to install yourself or you need us to install for you, we will be glad to help! If you need help with 1 area more than another, let us help with the area you need help in!! Call or text to schedule an appointment or ask questions at 706 410 7879

After – No tricks, 10 hours of compound, clay-bar, polish,& wax.