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World’s Best Detail Package completed in December 2020, it was my third World’s Best Detail Package that this client has purchased from me at OLS!!! After this detail, I went back and detailed his boat since then! This detail left this business owner saying, “If I had scrubbed on this thing a month, I never could have got it as clean as you!” Obviously, we are both very happy with the results I came up at 8:30am & left at 5:30PM that day. I had about a 10 minute nutrition bar lunch break & another random 10 minutes for water! Even the turbo pipe under the hood has cleaned up nice!

1985 GMC Sierra Classic
Annual Deluxe Detail Package completed on 09/04/2019!

This special webpage was made for this client because he was so happy with his detail! I had already enjoyed working on this truck for 4.5 hours but when he came out & said, “It’s too clean to drive!” that really just makes my day!! Thank you for your continued business & the opportunity to have a great time enjoying what I do! I hope you like the before & after pictures I made for you, so you can see your truck anytime!

Before pictures on the left & after pictures are the right! Captions below each picture.

October 2019 World’s Best Detail Package from a client referral!!


Ceramic Wax Detail Package completed in August 2018!!