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Service #4: OLS Custom Created Detail Package, a 6 to 8 hour, 30 Step, Carpet Shampoo Detail Package!

No matter the color interior, the best part about this spin brush is it does not matter how wet you get the seat, the spin brush will dry it while cleaning it! The spin brush runs between 1,000 and 2,000 rounds per minute! With our special cleaner and it’s suction power coming from its rotation, it leaves the fabric dry, free of its stains, & ready for ScotchGard® Fabric Protection!!

What are the 30 steps to a Carpet Shampoo Detail Package? 11 EXTERIOR Steps + 12 MultiINTERIOR Steps + 7 LUXURY Steps….. But, my phone said it is actually OVER 1.5 MILES of steps walking in our 6 hour Car to 8 hour SUV/Truck DETAIL!!!

#1. Come to your home, or work, on time with a great ready-to-work attitude to make your vehicle look new!

#2. Walk-around vehicle with you to make sure all your needs will be met: 10 Minutes

#3. Before Pictures: 10 Minutes

#4. Shampoo Floormats on Custom Floormat Station: 5 Minutes

#5. Degrease & Pressure Wash Door jambs, Trunk jambs, & Gas cap: 5 Minutes

#6. Degrease Rims, Tires, & Fender-wells: 10 Minutes

#7. Initial Pressure Wash Paint to Remove Large Bugs & Debris: 10 Minutes

#8. Super Sudsy Foam Cannon with Negative pH Soap Solution: 10 Minutes

#9. Super Sudsy Foam Cannon with Neutralizing pH Soap Solution: 10 Minutes

#10. Pressure Wash off Both Soaps & All Grime & Debris: 10 Minutes

#11. Foam Blast Spray Wax Solution on Paint, Rims, & Windows: 3 Minutes

#12. Foam Blast Rinse-Aid-Water on Paint, Rims, & Windows: 5 Minutes

#13. Special Coating of Tire Dressing: 2 Minutes

#14. Exterior Paint Dry: 10 Minutes

#15. Micro-fiber Dry Paint & Rims while blowing compressed air from a Craftsman® Pancake: 15 Minutes

#16. Second Paint Spray Wax to a Perfect Dry & 2 Week Paint Protection: 15 Minutes


#17. Blow-out & Micro-fiber Door jambs, Trunk jambs, & Black-rubber seals: 10 Minutes

#18. Blow-out & Tiny-Brush Door panels, Dash, Seats, Cup-Holders, & Center Console: 30 Minutes

#19. First Vacuum on Cup-holders, Seats, Floorboard, Under-seats, & Trunk/Cargo: 45 Minutes

#20. Interior Shampoo with Spin Brush and other Small Brushes: 2 Hours

#21. Second Interior & Trunk Vacuum: 35 Minutes

#22. Spray & Micro-fiber Wipe Door panels, Dash, Seats, Cup-Holders & Center Console: 35 Minutes

#23. Add a layer of Anti-bacterial Plastic Conditioner & Polish back to Door panels, Dash, Cloth Seats, Cup-holders, & Center Console: 15 Minutes

#24. Apply Detailer’s Lines and a layer of ScotchGard® Fabric Protection to ALL CARPET: 15 Minutes

#25. Leather Condition all Leather Seats, Door panels, & Center console: 15 Minutes

#26. Spray & Wipe Streak-free Exterior & Interior Windows, Mirrors, & Sunroof(s): 20 Minutes

#27. After Pictures: 10 Minutes

#28. Final Walk-around with client to OOH & AAH at their finished vehicle after 6 to 8 HOURS – My favorite part 🙂

#29. You’ve heard it before, “it’s hard to get a great review but a bad review travels like wild fire.” We thankfully don’t have any bad reviews! See our 5 Star reviews on Facebook clients have left us in the past!!

#30. We create a before and after collage of your detail and send you a link to view your pictures: 1 Hour (Time not included in detail time)

Optional add-on step to our Carpet Shampoo Detail: 3 Steps in 1 – Degrease Spray-Wax, & Blow-out to dry the engine, engine bay, & under hood: 20 Minutes

Optional add-on step to our Carpet Shampoo Detail: Prep your vehicle and add factory color touch-up paint back to the vehicle where paint is chipped, scratched, or damaged: 10-25 Minutes depending on number of spots. I normally circle the car 3 to 5 times looking for all the spots & adding layers when needed.

Optional add-on step to our Carpet Shampoo Detail: Safely remove the Dealer’s Decal from the rear of your car: 20 Minutes.

Step #1: Come to your home, or work, on time with a great ready-to-work attitude to make your vehicle look new!

I come to YOUR HOME or WORK with 250 gallons of water, a professional grade pressure washer, custom commercial chemicals, a high voltage generator for power, AND deliver THE BEST DETAIL to you and your vehicle could ever DREAM of! I enjoy finding a nice shady spot while l detail your car in any parking lot or any home driveway! MOST IMPORTANTLY, I show up ON-TIME with a GREAT, READY-TO-WORK, ATTITUDE to make sure your car WILL LOOK NEW AGAIN!! With 9 years AND over 9,000+ detailed vehicle’s of experience, I KNOW you will be as happy as my other 5 STAR RATED RETURNING CLIENTS, after your very own detail!

CLICK ON the custom OLS MOBILE DETAIL VAN picture TO ZOOM-IN and SEE why your detail will the be the next “World’s Best Detail!!” by scheduling today!!!


Step #2: Walk-around vehicle with you to make sure all your needs will be met: 10 Minutes

A small but important step! This is where you and I take some time to walk around the vehicle so you can show me all the dingy spots that YOU have noticed, and want to make sure get to perfection. Normally, there are about 2 interior spots and 3 exterior spots that a client wants to make sure gets cleaned on their vehicle. Of course, I am here to do the entire detail but these specific spots are what the clients are basing a large portion of their satisfaction of the detail off of. Imagine the spot in, or on, your car that you are sooo tired of seeing forever, and this spot is sure to come up in our conversation, and I will make sure that I take extra time on these spots to ensure your satisfaction!


Step #3: Before Pictures: 10 Minutes

Before pictures are a great way to notate any damages to the vehicle, but the pictures are more to be able to show the client later on how dirty something was and be able to compare it to the cleanliness that it has reached now!



Step #4: Shampoo Floormats on Custom Floormat Station: 5 Minutes

My custom floormat station that was designed & custom built by me at OLS, is literally ONE of kind! It is easy to see how this is the BEST DETAIL ANYWHERE! It is the only way to hold a floormat vertical, so that it may be perfectly cleaned with 3,500psi of high pressured water. Once the mats are sprayed, I can pull the mat out from the van, to allow the floormat to hang perfectly like an old fashion clothes line & dry within about an hour period! If your mats are being sprayed on the ground, they are not clean & they will leave a smell & possibly grow mold from not being dry.



Step #5: Degrease & Pressure Wash Door jambs, Trunk jambs, & Gas cap: 5 Minutes

Degreasing the worst parts of the car before starting the exterior wash is the best way to ensure a great detail! Most D.I.Yers, and professionals, do not actually degrease their door jambs, gas cap, or trunk jambs! BUT, BE CAREFUL DIYers, spraying the degreaser or pressure washer in this step incorrectly could mean permanent damage to the vehicle!! I use what I call, “Directional Spraying” with my pressure washer with a special tip to get these areas the cleanest!!


Step #6: Degrease Rims, Tires, & Fender-wells: 10 Minutes

The absolute best tire degrease that will leave the face of the rim, the inside dish of the rim, brake caliper, & fender well free of all brake dust! The pictures do not really do the inside rims justice of how actually clean they are in person. This is also with the use of a high definition Nikon D90 Camera. The rims & tires look new & will get your white walls & letters, white again!! The tire degreaser brand is OLS Part B – Fleet & Tire Degreaser. The tire Dressing of choice is OLS Part D1 & Part D2 50%-50% Mix – Tire Dressing. (Click any picture for extremely high resolution)


 Step #7: 3 Steps in 1 – Degrease, Spray-Wax, & Blow-out to dry the engine, engine bay, & under hood

I know there is a lot of different opinions on how I, should I, Is it safe, AND what are the risks with degreasing an engine? I have personally cleaned over 100 engine bays & with ZERO (0) ONLINE or call COMPLAINTS! Two common concerns are, should I use the water hose or pressure washer? A water hose will put too much water, too quickly, drowning the engine & causing it to lock up. The issue with using the pressure washer? By using the wrong tip or nozzle, you could over pressurize sensitive areas in the engine bay. The last concern most people face too late is not being able to remove the degreaser & oil efficiently enough without drowning the engine!! I avoid this by putting a layer of Spray Wax – Part C on the engine & bay, after degreasing. Rinsing the beaded-up Spray Wax water off will allow for quick drying times, while efficiently getting the oil, dirt, & grime off. I follow the wax up with air blow-out to make sure all the water is extracted! I have washed Audi’s, Mercedes, Honda’s, F-150s, classic muscle cars, sports cars, RV motors, Semi motors, boat motors, & every type of motor before!!! (Click any picture for extremely high resolution)

Step #7: Super Sudsy Foam Cannon Brush Wash: 40 Minutes

A very soft bristle brush that I have replaced many times over the last 9 years of use. I have used this brush on high end Porsche’s & Range Rover’s to a daily driver Honda Civic! I useit weekly on my own 2018 vehicle & 2005 Harley-Davidson Black & Chrome Heritage Softail. My brush will not scratch or leave any scratches on your finish. For soap, I use our very own OLS Part A – Car & House Cleaner, with built-in corrosion inhibitors to make sure your car or home paint never dulls!  (Click any picture for extremely high resolution)

Step #8: First Exterior Spray Wax Rinse

A layer of spray wax is foamed onto the vehicle. This is put on the windows, paint, rims, & everywhere to neutralize the Part A & Part B chemicals. It will leave a nice shine & make water bead up and fall off the vehicle’s exterior surfaces! This helps me dry the vehicle quickly & efficient and to not leave water marks on your vehicle. The Spray is OLS Part C – Spray Wax. (Click any picture for extremely high resolution)


Step #9: Safe & Final Exterior Paint Rinse with Pressure Washer: 5 Minutes

A final step of our Spray Wax OLS Part C – Spray Wax is with filtered water, guaranteed not to leave any chemical/water spots on your precious paint! The step all other professional places are missing is our spray wax before our final rinse, without the spray wax it will allow water to harden into a spot on your paint! (Click any picture for extremely high resolution)


Step #10: Extra-Extra Thick Coat of Tire Dressing: 2 Minutes

We have a very special mix of tire dressing that covers the entire tire!! It does NOT leave tiny beads where the dressing did not land, It is important to apply the tire dressing now so if over spray lands on the paint, it will still be wet! It is also as important to blow-dry the rim and dressing for the highest shine and prevent sling later! (Click any picture for high resolution)


 Step #11: Exterior Shammy Paint Dry: 10 Minutes

It may not seem like much but after a nice exterior wash & exterior spray wax, a crucial part to a good detail is drying! Immediately upon rinsing the spray wax we dress the tires with dressing, hardly ever, but if there is overspray on the paint, we get it off now! The dressing will not hurt your paint but no need for leaving it on there either. (Click any picture for extremely high resolution)!


Step #12: Micro-fiber Dry Paint & Rims while blowing compressed air from a Craftsman® Pancake: 15 Minutes

Blowing out all of the mirrors, door handles, trim mouldings, & windows with compressed air takes extra time but is totally worth it! For some odd reason, blowing the lug nuts, center cap, and our special tire dressing dry on the rubber tires, makes the rims & tires even SHINIER THAN EVER!! A step added-on Christmas week of 2021!!! (Click any picture for extremely high resolution)

Step #13: Second Paint Spray Wax & Final Dry: 15 Minutes

You will not believe the shine on your vehicle!!! While this is a great final spray wax step to a Deluxe Detail, this is just a Spray Wax! If you have not had a Ceramic Wax put on in the last 12 months, then you should check out our Ceramic Wax Detail Package! It include all the steps of the Deluxe Detail Package you’re viewing but includes a Sap Removal step to remove last years contaminates and a Ceramic Wax to protect the paint over the next year! This Spray Wax will make your vehicle shine and give you about 1 month of protection on your vehicle’s clear-coat!