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Carpet Shampoo Package – 14 Step Package

Welcome to the OLS, 14 Step “Carpet Shampoo Detail!!” Package Website Page!!

October Fall Savings!


The OLS Customized, “Carpet Shampoo Detail” 14 STEP, 7 Hour CAR WASH PACKAGE! WE take 7 HOURS to complete this detail package, part of the, “World’s Best Detail!!” We will leave you saying what our clients have said in the past, “You have the touch for detail!” after spending 10 hours on his Buick! The only detail in the world with Nikon D90 Camera for their Before & After pictures!

What are the 14 steps to our, “Carpet Shampoo Detail!!” Package?

4 Exterior Steps + 10 Interior Steps + Before & After Pictures!!!

#1. Super Sudsy Foam Cannon Brush Wash: 1 Hour

#2. Tire Degrease & Tire Dressing: 25 Minutes

#3. Exterior Spray Wax: 8 Minutes

#4. Exterior Dry: 15 Minutes

#5. Engine Degrease: 15 Minutes   

#6. Sap Removal: 1 Hour   

#7. Ceramic Wax(Wax-on/Wax-off): 1 Hour

#8. First Interior & Trunk Vacuum: 35 Minutes

#9. Interior Shampoo: 2 Hours   

#10. Full Interior Wipe Down with small brushes: 60 Minutes

#11. Door, Trunk Jambs, & Black-rubber seals: 25 Minutes

#12. Exterior & Interior Glass: 25 Minutes

#13. Second Interior & Trunk Vacuum: 35 Minutes

#14. Shampoo & Condition Floormats: 25 Minutes

#15. Scotch-Guard Fabric Protection: 10 Minutes

#16. Leather Condition all leather in Vehicle: 15 Minutes

#17. Before & After Pictures: 20 Minutes


Total average Detail Time:  7 Hours and 55 Minutes per vehicle!! All appointments begin at 8:30 of your scheduled appointment day and I will need access to your vehicle all day!

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CLICK ON the custom OLS MOBILE DETAIL VAN picture TO ZOOM-IN and SEE why your detail will the be the next “World’s Best Detail!!” by scheduling today!!!


I come to YOUR HOME or WORK with 250 gallons of water, a professional grade pressure washer, custom commercial chemicals, a high voltage generator for power, AND deliver THE WORLD’S BEST DETAIL to you OR your vehicle could ever DREAM of! I enjoy finding a nice shady spot while l detail your car in any parking lot or residential area! MOST IMPORTANTLY, I show up ON-TIME with a GREAT, READY-TO-WORK, ATTITUDE to make sure your car WILL LOOK NEW AGAIN!! With 8 years AND over 8,000+ detailed vehicle’s of experience, I KNOW you will be as happy as my other 5 STAR RATED RETURNING CLIENTS, after your very own personal 7 HOUR WORLD’S BEST DETAIL!!! SIGN-UP IN 6 EASY STEPS ABOVE OR BELOW!!!


#1. Super Sudsy Exterior Foam Cannon Brush Wash

A very soft bristle brush that I have replaced many times over the last 7 years of use. I have used this brush on high end Porsche’s & Range Rover’s to a daily driver Honda Civic! I use it weekly on my own 2018 vehicle & 2005 Harley-Davidson. It will not scratch or leave light sand scratches on your finish. For soap, I use our very own OLS Part A – Car & House Cleaner. It has corrosion inhibitors to make sure the paint never dulls! 
(Click any picture for extremely high resolution)

#2. Tire Degrease & Tire Dressing

The absolute best tire degrease that will leave the face of the rim, the inside dish of the rim, brake caliper, & fender well free of all brake dust! The pictures do not really do the inside rims justice of how actually clean they are in person. This is also with the use of a high definition Nikon D90 Camera. The rims & tires look new & will get your white walls & letters, white again!! The tire degreaser brand is OLS Part B – Fleet & Tire Degreaser. The tire Dressing of choice is OLS Part D1 & Part D2 50%-50% Mix – Tire Dressing.
(Click any picture for extremely high resolution)


#3. Exterior Spray Wax

A layer of spray wax is foamed onto the vehicle. This is put on the windows, paint, rims, & everywhere to neutralize the Part A & Part B chemicals. It will leave a nice shine & make water bead up a fall off the vehicle’s exterior surfaces! This helps us dry the vehicle quickly & efficient. The Spray is OLS Part C – Spray Wax.
(Click any picture for extremely high resolution)


#4. Exterior Dry

It may not seem like much but after a nice exterior wash & exterior spray wax, a crucial part to a good detail is drying! Immediately upon rinsing the spray wax we dress the tires with dressing. IF any tire dressing over-sprays onto the painted surfaces, it will sit on top of the left over spray wax coating & the beaded water. We then dry the paint & allow the tire dressing to soak evenly into the tires. After the car is dry, we perfectly dry the rims & lugs with a specific plush microfiber towel. These steps keep the dressing where it should, shining the rubber tire only!
(Click any picture for extremely high resolution)

#5 First Interior & Trunk Vacuum

#6. Interior Shampoo

Extracting stains from this light grey colored cloth, is like chasing your tail, water will stain this material and color, if not done properly!! We do not kill your interior with chemicals. We use several types of brushes and a 1,600 round per minute grinder with a large brush on the end, to spin out any dirt and stains inside the carpet. We then vacuum and extract as much left over dirt and water that we can, and then use a towel to soak up stains and more water. Extreme circumstances call for extreme measures. This step alone normally takes around 3 hours to complete properly. You do not want to leave stains, or worse, create mold from left-over water.
(Click any picture for extremely high resolution)


#7 Full Interior Wipe Down with small brushes

This means all plastic door panels, dash, steering wheel, center arm rest, cup holders, visors, seats, move the seats forward to wipe the back of the center console, rear deck, & whatever else that is plastic in your vehicle!. For years we have used our own brand of interior cleaner by mixing 10% Part A – Car & House Cleaner with 10% OLS Part F – Leather Conditioner, & 80% Filtered Water. This diluted down OLS degreaser & leather conditioner mix is what makes up our OLS – Part G Interior Sanitizing Solution! Does not leave what I call “over shine” like other products. The problem with products that make your plastics & dash shiny, is that if you do not keep over saturating the areas with the product. The plastic areas shrink & expand in hot & cold weather, during this time if it is dry of the product, the pores of the plastic become brittle & will not shrink & expand properly, causing cracking & damage!! Do not damage your vehicle with gimmicks!!


#8 Door, Trunk Jambs, & black rubber seals

I degrease the jambs using OLS Part A – Car & House Cleaner. I start this process before step 1 begins by degreasing & then pressure washing out the door jambs with my 3,500 PSI pressure washer. I uniquely start & stop the water, while running specific patterns to avoid getting water on the interior of the car. Since I do this before step 1, for the tiny, few dots that get on the inside, they will be vacuumed out & wiped out in the next steps!! Since the pressure washing is done before step 1, step 8 means spraying the jambs with our own interior cleaner & wiping the jambs with a plush microfiber to leave a nice clean shine!



#9 Exterior & Interior Windows

We do all door windows & windshields. We use our own OLS Part H – Glass Cleaner! Guaranteed to not streak your windows & removing all the contaminants from the windows!

#10 Second Interior Vacuum (to vacuum the stuck on dirt removed during shampoo)

This includes the seats, floorboards, move the seat forward & vacuum under & rear cargo or trunk area!!

#11 Shampoo & Condition Floormats

My custom floormat station that was designed & custom built by me at OLS, is literally ONE of kind! It is easy to see how this is the BEST DETAIL ANYWHERE! It is the only way to hold a floormat vertical, so that it may be perfectly cleaned with 3,500psi of high pressured water. Once the mats are sprayed, I can pull the mat out from the van, to allow the floormat to hang perfectly like an old fashion clothes line & dry within about an hour period! If your mats are being sprayed on the ground, they are not clean & they will leave a smell & possibly grow mold from not being dry. I then follow up the rubber mats with conditioner & cloth mats with amazing “Detailer’s Lines” I know I am not the first to do lines in carpet but I would say I am the best with multiple self-created designs including horizontal, vertical, diagonal, half & half, custom monograms, leaf pattern (my favorite), plus other & new designs!

#12. Scotch-Guard Fabric Protection

It is like Creme Wax for the inside of your car! Scotch-Guard Fabric Protection will add a clear layer of protection on the interior of your vehicle. By, “filling in the fabric pores” with this spray, it will allow water and stains to keep from sticking to the material, rather sliding off of this Fabric Protection. It also help keep our OLS Custom Created, Detailer’s Lines in your carpet for longer!!


#13. Leather Condition

Leather is cow skin. Skin needs to be moisturized. Most women put lotion on their hands daily, sometimes more than once daily! This leather condition step is literally the lotion for your cars interior seats, leather on door panels, & center arm rest! We bring our own OLS – Part F Leather Condition for the job!

14. Before & After Pictures

We normally take about 15 – 20 Before Pictures & the matching angle 15 – 20 After Pictures. Every picture above & below are pictures of washes I have completed! Here is a returning client of 4 years getting their 14 step Deluxe Detail package in June 2019 & his pictures!