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22 Hour Jeep DETAIL

OLS gets the call for a POLISH, a lot! The thing most people do not realize is that polishing a vehicle’s paint, is a to restore your paint, clear-coat, & really bring out the shine! Polish can also be used to remove swirl marks! If you have swirl marks already, someone probably incorrectly polished the vehicle already. Since polishing is a restore step, it is better to never have to polish your vehicle. With the World’s Best Detail we offer, it comes with a full cleaning on the paint, followed up by a chemical to remove any debris in the paint. This chemical will take out stuck on defects, and really get the paints surface completely dirt free. I then follow-up that process with a Creme Wax, that gives the clear-coat some protection. *The clear-coat is what is protecting your paint! The chemical process is a lot safer than clay-bar, because clay-bar is a pre-polish step, that will definitely the contaminants out the same way as my chemical will, but the clay-bar will swirl, & cause light scratches on your paint. Granted, the polish is about to do away with the clay-bar swirls, but why scratch something, just to fix it? My chemical will take away the same, without NEEDING to polish the vehicle, before wax! A few other terms people often confuse is compound, polish, & wax. These are 3 different things, meant to do 3 different things. They are really EASY to understand, when explained correctly. First, Compound, compound has a gritty consistency and most of the time has a number rating on the bottle, right in the name actually, that says, “RazorCut1500.” Regardless of the brand, the number is telling you the consistency of this compound is around 1500 GRIT SANDPAPER!!! As someone who took paint and body, I know how to use 4 different grits of sandpaper to NOT sand-off your paint and bring it back to a high shine. The problem is, I don’t recommend polish that often, so I will probably NEVER say, “let me get my sandpaper out” but UNFORTUNATELY, other detail shops START trying to get the smallest pieces of sap, that could be removed by my chemical, with their sandpaper! They also LOVE starting with compound, to really swirl the paint completely up!! Just think about putting your, “liquid sandpaper” on a spinning buffer and then spinning the grit on your paint, on a high speed buffer!! If you do not know what you’re doing, you can easily burn through the paint, after compound, you MUST POLISH. This polish will remove the swirl marks that the compound left in the vehicle’s paint. Whether you do the compound, clay-bar, or polish steps, you always want to follow the vehicle’s paint up with a Creme Wax. This will give the clear-coat a hard-shell layer to keep the paint protected over the next 6 months to a year. What is the difference is Creme Wax & Ceramic Coating? Creme Wax has been around for 50+ years and stays on the vehicle for between 6 months to a year. Ceramic coating is a little tougher than wax, but it is recommended polishing the vehicle first, to completely level the paint before applying the ceramic coating. This polish step & ceramic coating lasts between 1 year & 3 year, depending on the type that you get. The longer it last, the more expensive it is. The typical price for a ceramic coating is between $650 for a car, to over $1,500 for a big trucks! A Creme Wax will cost between $200 – $375. At this rate, you can actually buy 3 World’s Best Details, every year for 3 years, and still not have as much invested as you did the ceramic coating wash. Also, if you polish the vehicle anyways, and then wax, you will probably have the same effect as the ceramic coating does. I have washed a 2017 GMC Sierra 4 door, every 2 weeks, or 14 days, since November of 2016, today is January of 2020, over 3 years later. This client had ceramic coating put on his new truck and on the first wash after the coating, I could tell a difference that it made. Unfortunately, here we are 3 years later and the coating is gone, his paint has several chips in it, as it would without the coating!! And, the difference it made on the first washes, would not have been much different than if I had just put on my Creme Wax, for a 1/3 of the cost!!!

>A little more in depth>> Compound vs Polish vs Creme Wax. Compound has 2 different colored pads and should only be ran on a buffer, polish has many different colored pads, but you really only need 2. There is a polish pad that is a little more aggressive, & then you have a, “finishing polish pad.” I typically only use the finishing pad, unless there are swirls. Polish should be applied with a buffer also. Creme Wax can be put on with a buffer but it is fine to put it on by hand. Also, by using your hand, you can keep control over the product and be sure not to touch ANY BLACK MOULDING on the vehicle. Black moulding is what is taped up on the Jeep below to be sanded-down & repainted with black-mould paint, paint will last about 5-7 years and looks excellent!!!