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OLS gets the call for a POLISH, a lot! The thing most people do not realize is that polishing a vehicle’s paint, is a to restore your paint, clear-coat, & really bring out the shine! Polish can also be used to remove swirl marks! If you have swirl marks already, someone probably incorrectly polished the vehicle already. Since polishing is a restore step, it is better to never have to polish your vehicle. With the World’s Best Detail we offer, it comes with a full cleaning on the paint, followed up by a chemical to remove any debris in the paint. This chemical will take out stuck on defects, and really get the paints surface completely dirt free. I then follow-up that process with a Ceramic Wax, that gives the clear-coat protection. Your clear-coat is what is protecting your paint! The chemical process is a lot safer than clay-bar, because clay-bar is a pre-polish step, that will definitely remove the contaminants out the same way as my chemical will, but the clay-bar will swirl, & cause light scratches on your paint. Granted, the polish is about to do away with the clay-bar swirls, but why scratch something, just to fix it? My chemical will take away the same, without NEEDING to remove the clay-bar swirls! A few other terms people often confuse is compound, polish, & wax. These are 3 different things, meant to do 3 different things. They are really EASY to understand, when explained correctly, as I do in the video in the “Advanced Knowledge” Section on our homepage!!

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