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Stick Shift Driving Lessons

Stick Shift
Driving Lessons

Athens, GA

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Meet at the BLUE STAR at the Georgia Square Mall. All different types of driving terrains, with low flow traffic, for a stress free lesson!

Why drive a manual or stick shift vehicle?

  • They are more fun to drive!
  • They get better gas mileage!
  • They are faster!

Why take stick shift lessons from me?

  • I have already taught many people to drive a stick shift vehicle, including several MOTORCYCLES!
  • I bring my own vehicle to teach you in! It is a small, 2-seater TRUCK that is easy to get around in, comfortable for all sizes, & has a forgiving clutch that is ideal & EASY to learn with!
  • I am confident, that you will be confident driving a stick shift, in just 2 RELAXING HOURS!

About me

My name is Austin & I am 33. I have been in love with cars since I was 16 & started driving, THAT WAS 17 YEARS AGO & over half my life! I owned my first manual transmission (stick shift) at age 19. I purchased my first motorcycle at age 20. I normally drive my truck, which is used for the lesson, about 3 days a week. I ride my bike 5 days a week. I wash them both every week! You should take lessons from me because I am VERY COMFORTABLE riding & driving in my stick shift vehicle through any traffic or terrain. I have even rode my motorcycle all the way to New Orleans, going through the middle of Atlanta. I know you can & will be comfortable after your lessons are over & on your way to owning your first manual transmission vehicle!!

Where do the lessons take place?

  • Georgia Square Mall
  • Always people around but with low traffic count for a stress free lesson.
  • Safe for both of us, with the Police Department on site
Click Map for Directions

What does this lesson offer, how long does the lesson last, & what does the lesson cost?

  • Introduction to engine vs transmission RPMs, & what they mean to you.
  • Introduction & overview of the clutch pedal & gear shifter. The how, why, & what’s?
  • Starting & stopping in parking lots & spaces.
  • Taking off in reverse
  • Driving through all 5 gears to highway speeds.
  • Starting & stopping on down-hills & up-hills
    • Lesson lasts for 2 hours & are $250. This includes the lesson, vehicle for lesson, gas, & all other costs for lesson completion.

What are my greatest accomplishments & inspirations to teach more of these lessons?

  1. I taught my wife to drive a stick shift vehicle. Like others back in the day, she did not get her driver’s license until she was 18, because she was not comfortable driving on the road. 
  2. One of the first people I taught to ride a motorcycle was a new immigrant to this country. His English was not the best but he was buying a his first ever motorcycle, a 750cc sport bike (crotch rocket). Like others, this 40 year old guy knew so little about motorcycles, he did not know that a motorcycle also had a clutch. After about 30 minutes of explaining what each pedal, knob, & button operated, we finally took off!..In the parking lot. As I ran behind him holding him up and giving directions for about an hour, we called it a great first day! The second day, we did a “reminder course” in the parking lot drills for about 20 minutes. We then finally left the parking lot on our VERY FIRST ROAD TEST, me following on my motorcycle, for even more road instructions. We rode a 6 minute circle about 3 times, including  HWY 316 & Atlanta HWY in the Athens/Bogart area to complete the second day. The third day, we completed our circle again, with more & final critiques, & then hit the highway for a 30 minute open ride. He done great all 3 days, never falling, & is still riding since 2014!!
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Credits & Certifications

  • This lesson is NOT a certified or accredited lesson of any kind.
  • There is not a diploma, certification, or any other type of credits or discounts offered for taking this lesson.
  • This lesson is simply to learn to drive a stick shift vehicle comfortably down the road, as an every day driver.