Residential & Home Pressure Washing


Ready to get the black dirt & grease out of your porous concrete? We come to you!!!  Over 9 years experience & 9,000 successful JOBS, all while keeping a 5-STAR rating! Don’t leave your highest valued asset to someone who does not know what the word “asset” means. Come to OLS & trust the place that loves what they do, loves taking care of you, & will work on your home as if they are working on THEIR OWN HOME, Call or text for coupons and quotes to 706-410-7879!!! It is best to include your address in a text and I can measure your property on Google Earth and send you a free quote!

Service #2: How we soft wash mold with commercial chemical’s!

HOW WE SOFT WASH WOOD & BRICK HOMES, PORCHES, & EVERYTHING ELSE MADE OF WOOD & BRICK! This soft wash process keeps us from splintering the wood, peeling paint, & damaging your mortar in between your bricks!! We follow up this commercial grade chemical with our Spray Wax – Part C on all the surfaces to neutralize the pH level in the chemicals, and leave your property with a protectant in the future!! Note* I soak in water all the plants and flowers in the area prior and rinse any overspray off with wax afterwards. I have never killed a flower bed, not even my own doing this every 6 months!


Spray Wax on the building for Service #2!! This Spray Wax coating gives your home, office, garage, or warehouse a barrier against water and other outdoor elements in the future! It also makes water bead off the windows and helps prevent streaks! Only at OLS can you find, “OLS Spray Wax – Part C” on your home or office!! We recommend having your home’s exterior cleaned every 6 months.