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Reviews truly mean the most to me! I always come out with a great attitude and excited about doing a great job on your property. I work hard and as efficiently as possible. I want to do a great job on your service but also give you great service! All this means is showing up on time, staying in communication with each client, & doing a great service! You have probably heard me say it to you, “I am happy with it, I am more happy that you are happy too.” We have so many clients that have said & wrote to us, and we can’t help but to share it with you! Facebook & Yelp are great places to see our 5 star ratings, but just because they’re not listed there, doesn’t mean we do not get them elsewhere!

Thank you to our loyal, local, 9 year clients! We see some weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, & annually for their recurring packages! We are truly thankful & look forward to seeing them again, AND MEETING YOU TO EARN MORE GREAT 5 STAR REVIEWS!!

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1. Came from a client after I completed a 2 day World’s Best Detail Package on his SUV and a Ceramic Wax Detail Package on his wife’s sedan (Mercedes 550)!

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Sentences said to us that stuck to our heart!

1. “It is too clean to drive”
2. “You have the touch for detail”
3. When I went back to wash a local business owner’s boat, he said about his THRID World’s Best Detail Package he purchased from me, “if I had scrubbed on that thing a month, I could not have got it as clean as you did!” This meant a lot to me since I was there from 8:30Am until 5:30pm scrubbing on that ole’ diesel truck, with about a 20 minute break!
4. More times than I can count, “I was really happy when I called to hear you say, “this is Austin” when I called. I saw your name in other reviews and I was hoping to speak with you.”” Last call was 01.11.2021 from U.G.A. scheduled for 01.14.21.