How OLS created our, “World’s Best Detail”

The biggest thanks to the University of Georgia for helping OLS to create, “The World’s Best Detail!!” 

In January 2019, OLS was contacted by a U.G.A. faculty member. The plan U.G.A. was looking for was to drop off 5 vehicles, over the course of 5 days, around 2pm. They wanted 1 vehicle done per day, as to limit the number of faculty needed for the car pick-up/drop-off times, and no cars would sit idle. For 5 days in a row we were able to work on the nastiest exterior cars that you can imagine, see below! Now, you would think in the first 6 years of professional detailing, that enough cars would be detailed to know the time it takes to wash a car this bad. Well, that is true, we have always known the time it takes to do a first time detail vs a repeat detail, but we were not charging accordingly. Basically, the same client with a weekly, or bi-weekly package, would receive the same price on their, “Deluxe Detail” as a new client would for the first time. That is not really fair to the client with a Bi-weekly detail package and it is not really fair to us. The new car will take at least an extra hour to clean for the first time. And while we will see this car again, it may be a year and need the same extra hour it needed last year again. Meanwhile, the 26 Bi-weekly client is paying the same price and requiring much less time & chemicals, but still needs a great effort to do the job correct! After U.G.A. was completed, OLS started building what we call the, “World’s Best Detail” that included all of the steps we did for U.G.A. on their first time vehicles. BUT, we didn’t stop there either when we created the package, we added-on, “Engine Degrease” to this package, furthering its value and attention to details.

How did the, “World’s Best Detail!!” Package perform from January 2019 – January 2020?

As of January 2020, we have completed around 40 vehicles of the, “World’s Best Detail!!” That is about 3 vehicles per month. This may not seem like a lot but these were ALL NEW CLIENTS! This doesn’t include our bi-weekly, 4 week, quarterly, and bi-annual client washes, that we have been doing for OVER 7 YEARS NOW! We learned to start at 8:30 and a car will get done about 1:30, or 5 hours later.


Improving the, “World’s Best Detail!!” February 2020

OLS also started adding Scotch-Guard Fabric protection to the floormats to hold the, “Detailer’s Lines’ in place for a longer time. This protection also left a stain & water resistant layer on top of the carpet mat. Since U.G.A. did not want Interior Shampoo when they brought their cars in, OLS did not include an actual “Carpet Shampoo” with this detail. Like all details, we do wipe down the seats with a chemical to clean the seats, but we all know there is a big difference in Vacuuming your home and using a vacuum that has water and chemicals inside it, to extract the stains from the floor, and then you dump the mud water out of the vacuum into a sink. Since having so many clients inquire about, “Carpet Shampoo” with their, “World’s Best Detail” OLS is officially changing the names of our details, AGAIN! The current, “World’s Best Detail” will keep it’s name and go to a 16 step process to include, “Interior Shampoo” and “Scotch-Guard Fabric Protection” on all the seats, mats, and carpets! Left over will be the 14 step, “Annual Exterior Detail” because it has all the steps for really concentrating on the exterior and still giving a great detail inside too! Then a THIRD DETAIL will become an option called, “Annual Interior Detail” that will replace step #6 from, “Sap removal” to “Interior Shampoo” & step #7 from, “Creme Wax” to “Scotch-Guard Fabric Protection.” This way clients can really choose whether they want most of their washed focused at, on the exterior, interior, or BOTH! “Interior Shampoo” includes the seats, carpet, headliner, visors, & door panels!


How will the, “World’s Best Detail!!” price be effected with the February 2020 change?


The price for the 14 Step, “World’s Best Detail” a.k.a. “Annual Exterior Detail” we are proud to say will stay the exact same it is now! We are not raising our prices at all for our MOST POPULAR PACKAGE IN 2019 for new clients! You can see pricing by going to the page of the detail you want to see more information about and filling out, “Shape of Vehicle” on the contact form. The new, “Annual Interior Detail” is a new package but when you replace step #6 & step #7, they end up taking the same time, just different effort, and both of these packages take a lot of chemicals and expensive machines to properly complete. Also, prep is a big thing, that is why it is steps #6 & #7, and not #1 and #2. The newest 16-step, “World’s Best Detail” that includes everything in the, “Annual Exterior Detail” and “Annual Interior Detail” and takes the longest, will have new pricing but will be cheaper than buying an individual, “Annual Exterior Detail” and “Annual Interior Detail”



Car 5 of 5 from UGA is the Minivan!! Deluxe Detail + Creme Wax + Sap Removal & Custom Georgia Bulldog “G” in the floormats, only at OLS!! The Bulldog Detailers!! 01.18.2019

Car 4 of 5 from UGA!! Deluxe Detail + Creme Wax + Headlight Restoration!! Don’t forgot those amazing detailer’s lines in the floormats!!! 01.17.2018

UGA Malibu that is the “worst one” they said…Deluxe Detail + Creme Wax + Sap Removal Service will get it bright white again! 3 of 5 01/16/2019!



UGA Ford Fusion coming to get in on the action!! Deluxe Detail, Creme Wax, & Sap removal!! 01/15/2019 2 of 5!



UGA Malibu coming in to get all the the tree sap removed & Creme Wax!! 1 Of 5 Week of 01/14/2019!!