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$25 OFF Exterior Wash Package

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Service #8: OLS Custom Created, 1 to 2 Hour, 20 Step Exterior Wash Package!

What are the 20 steps to an Exterior Wash Package?
11 EXTERIOR Steps + 2 MultiINTERIOR Steps + 7 LUXURY Steps…..
But, my phone said it is actually OVER 2 MILES of steps walking in our 1 Hour Car to 1.5 Hour Truck/SUV DETAIL!!!

#1. Come to your home, or work, on time with a great ready-to-work attitude to make your vehicle look new!

#2. Walk-around vehicle with you to make sure all your needs will be met: 10 Minutes

#3. Before Pictures: 10 Minutes

#4. Degrease Rims, Tires, & Fender-wells: 10 Minutes

#5. Initial Pressure Wash Paint to Remove Large Bugs & Debris: 10 Minutes

#6. Super Sudsy Foam Cannon with Negative pH Soap Solution: 10 Minutes

#7. Super Sudsy Foam Cannon with Neutralizing pH Soap Solution: 10 Minutes

#8. Pressure Wash off Both Soaps & All Grime & Debris: 10 Minutes

#9. Foam Blast Spray Wax Solution on Paint, Rims, & Windows: 3 Minutes

#10. Foam Blast Rinse-Aid-Water on Paint, Rims, & Windows: 5 Minutes

#11. Special Coating of Tire Dressing: 2 Minutes

#12. Exterior Paint Dry: 10 Minutes

#13. Micro-fiber Dry Paint & Rims while Blowing Compressed Air from a Craftsman® Pancake: 15 Minutes

#14. Second Paint Spray Wax to a perfect Dry & 2 Week Paint Protection: 15 Minutes


#15. Blow-out & Micro-fiber Door jambs, Trunk jambs, & Black-rubber seals: 10 Minutes

#16. Spray & Wipe Streak-free Exterior & Interior Windows, Mirrors, & Sunroof(s): 20 Minutes

#17. After Pictures: 10 Minutes

#18. Final Walk-around with client to OOH & AAH at their finished vehicle after 1 to 1.5 HOURS – My favorite part 🙂

#19. You’ve heard it before, “it’s hard to get a great review but a bad review travels like wild fire.” We thankfully don’t have any bad reviews! See our 5 Star reviews on Facebook clients have left us in the past!!

#20. We create a before and after collage of your detail and send you a link to view your pictures: 1 Hour (Time not included in detail time)

Optional add-on step to our Exterior Wash Package: 3 Steps in 1 – Degrease, Spray-Wax, & Blow-out to dry the engine, engine bay, & under hood: 20 Minutes

Optional add-on step to our Exterior Wash Package: Prep your vehicle and add factory color touch-up paint back to the vehicle where paint is chipped, scratched, or damaged: 10-25 Minutes depending on number of spots. I normally circle the car 3 to 5 times looking for all the spots & adding layers when needed.

Optional add-on step to our Deluxe Detail: Safely remove the Dealer’s Decal from the rear of your car: 20 Minutes.

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