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2021 Videos!!!


41. Austin’s 2005 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail 100 yard stop sign chrome shine!!!

40. Washing the Post Office in the Georgia Club Neighborhood (Future GCN Project – 6,000 FEET of White Fence Pressure Washing coming soon from the Club)!

39. TREE Sap & the Tiny Black Dots Removed!!!

38. World’s Best Detail Package taking 8 hours & 30 minutes on 2014 Chevrolet Traverse!

37. What your car will look like after 6 years of NO WAX!!!

36. 2021 Escalade 38″ Display

35. Jeep, GMC, or Ford Deluxe Detail Packages!!!

34. 2006 AMG Kompressor with Factory Touch-up Paint & Leather Dye

33. 2 Ceramic Wax Details, & my newest quarterly client! $5 Coupon Code in video!

32. 1 Year old, 2020 Jeep Rubicon with 20,000 Miles, my newest 2 week client! $5 Coupon Code in video!



30. Motorcycle Wash ‘N Wax 5 Year Bike Owner vs OLS Motorcycle Wash ‘N Wax!!

29. Fleet Wash 03.20.21


27. Dealership Detail VS OLS Deluxe Detail 03.13.2021 — 2017 Hyundai

26 FIRST MOTORHOME WASH OF 2021 ON 03.08.2021!!!

25. Second time washing this 2021!!


24. Third Deluxe Detail washing this 2021!!!

23. 4 Year Client with over 100 Services from OLS!!!

22. Step #12 Degrease the Door Jambs!!!

21. Step #5 Degrease Rims, Tires, & Fender-wells!

20. Repainting Black Trim on a 2017 Ram 

19. OLS 2021 Windows!!!

2020 Videos!!!

18. Learn to Drive a Stick Shift Service!!!

17. The difference in Compound, Polish, Wax, & Clay-bar!!

16. How we remove stains & restore the cleanliness of your seats!! (This gray is the worst color EVER!!)

2017 Videos!

15. Add 5 Gallons of gas to your gas tank, WITHOUT buying a new gas tank!!

14. 1967 Galaxie 500 Convertible For Sale (SOLD)

13. OLS Designed, Built, & Created Floormat Station!

12. Installing a Back-up Camera, CD/DVD Player, Subs, & Amp to #followpatti!!

11. King Ranch gets a Bath

10. F250 Detail




6. Most cars I have done in a day? 67! This is what LESS THAN HALF LOOKS LIKE!!!

5. World’s Dirtiest Honda

4. A truck from a magazine came to OLS!

3. OLS Amp install, stock speaker install, & Hushmat Install!

2. The Shop in 2017 & 2018 Of OLS Oconee Luxury Services

1. Our first attempt at showing you our broad spectrum of LUXURY SERVICES!!!

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